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“I Want to Sell my house Fast Phoenix, AZ!

More and more, we find clients who are in the position of “I want to sell my house fast Phoenix, AZ”. The reasons they want to sell their house ASAP are varied. Sometimes it is bad news: they lost their job and have fallen behind in mortgage payments. Sometimes it is good news: they got a better job and need to relocate. Regardless of your reasons of selling a home, we at 3009 Investments, LLC can buy your house quickly, easily, and at a fair price.

People who want to sell their house fast usually don’t have time to repair, renovate, or spruce up the house’s appearance. This is not a problem for us. We specialize in buying houses “as is” and you do not need to sink any more money into repairs or upgrades. Our professional inspector will assess your house and determine its value and we will make you a fair offer. It is very possible that you can get a better offer, but this will require that you list your home, show it, and then negotiate for a higher price. Who has time for that? With 3009 Investments, LLC, we can sometimes put cash in your pockets as fast as 7 days. We are talking about fast purchases with fast payouts so you can go about your way without further delays.

If you are asking yourself, “How can I sell my house fast?” then we are the answer you have been looking for. Please call us at (480) 688-8686 or send us email to see how it works. Once we have given you a sell price, you are not obliged to sell. We will not process any paperwork and there is no pressure on your part to sell unless you are ready to sell. Our strength is in the speed which we can buy your house and give you cash with no repairs, no fees, and no middleman. Call us and change your statement from, “I want to sell my house fast Phoenix!” to “I sold my house fast!”.

3009 Investments Sell your home fast
  • NO Appraisal
  • NO 3rd Party Inspections
  • NO Bank Loans and/or Turndowns
  • NO Costly Fix Ups
  • NO Clean Up
  • NO Commission and/or Concessions
  • NO Problems
  • Just Fast Closings

Our home buying process

  • Internal Property Review
  • Property Inspection
  • Purchase Contract
  • Title and Escrow
  • Final Review
  • Closing